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Yanmar AY Series 659 - 1.822 MHP

Yanmar 12AYM Series
  • Low Fuel & Low Emissions
  • High Torque Characteristic
  • Excellent Durability and Reliablity
  • Easy to Maintain

Engine Model

  • 6AYM-WST (H-rating)  659mhp @ 1.900rpm
  • 6AYM-WET (M-rating)  829mhp / (H-rating) 755mhp @ 1.840rpm
  • 6AYM-WGT (L-rating)  911mhp @ 1.938rpm
  • 12AYM-WST (S-rating) 1.200 mhp @ 1.950 rpm / (H-rating) 1.400 mhp @ 1.900 rpm
  • 12AYM-WET (H-rating) 1.550 mhp @ 1.940 rpm / (M-rating) 1.659 mhp @ 1.900 rpm
  • 12AYM-WGT (L-rating) 1.822 mhp @ 1.940 mhp

Good economy
To achieve the desired workboat level of operating economy.
Result. Maximum fuel efficiency with low fuel consumption across a previously unheard of range of use conditions.

Lower emissions
To minimise adverse effect on the environment. Result. Lower NOx, SOx, CO, less particulates, significantly less black smoke, particularly at idle or during hard acceleration.

High torque
To achieve the desired workboat responsiveness. Result. Stable high torque in middle and high speed ranges for reliable work performance.

The engine performance gives following advantages:

  • Stable cruising with least speed reduction against sudden load changes
  • A wide range propeller matching, from the passenger ship(light/medium duty) to tug boat(heavy duty), is possible
  • Economical with wide min.fuel consumption range both during cruising or performing job duties
  • Produces stable engine performance even doing other duties

Excellent reliability and durability
To create a tough engine requiring minimum downtime. Result. Outstanding engine durability made possible by extra-stable lube oil consumption and long life fuel valves at the tip of each injector.

Easy to maintain
Because it's a Yanmar. Result. The same compactness and ease of maintenance as ever.


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