Neander Shark

Diesel outboard engines for commercial applications

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Neander Shark

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With Neander technology, diesel fuel can now be used in the outboard motor sector: Modern diesel technology for economic and environmentally friendly mobility on the water.


For a commercially used outboard motor a variety of aspects are of significance:

  1. low fuel consumption
  2. safety
  3. availability of fuel
  4. powerful drive
  5. high durability

These demands can only be met by a Diesel engine!

However: There are no diesel-powered outboard motors anywhere in the world – although there are many, significant advantages compared to gasoline engines.There are technological reasons for this: The greatest challenge to diesel technology are the severe vibrations of the engine. At present, the only way to avoid vibrations in a diesel engine is to use multiple-cylinder engines (at least 4 cylinders) in order to neutralise the inertial forces and torques.

The problem with this is the fact that 4-cylinder diesel engines are inevitably large and heavy – which prevents their use in outboard motors where there is little space available and only a light weight is acceptable.


This Neander design principle of the double crankshaft enables a powerful, efficient, light and compact engine design as well as almost vibration-free running.

With this, the Neander concept fulfils all the requirements for a highly efficient diesel drive with a small size and only 2 cylinders.
The Neander diesel outboard motor was specially designed to fulfil the requirements for commercial applications.

The following application-specific advantages are especially important:

More force

The force of a Neander diesel engine is shown in its excellent torque, which is available even at very low speeds. The power advantage in comparison with gasoline-driven outboard motors can be felt from the very first seconds of operation.Because of its high torque, the 55 hp Neander diesel can directly compete with a 70 hp petrol-driven outboard.

Torque comparison

More robust

The design of the engine enables a large range of operating modes for the PROFESSIONAL DIESEL OUTBOARD. These range from a high proportion of operation at high load to hours of idling operation – as are needed for commercial applications. This ensures a high durability of the unit.

Less cost

1. Less fuel consumption

A modern diesel engine, such as that from Neander enables large potential savings due to its low fuel consumption. A further advantage is that the Neander diesel engine is specifically suited to commercial use.

Comparison Fuel Consumption

The savings with a Neander diesel as well as the enormous price difference between gasoline and duty- and tax-free (-reduced) diesel result in large savings for commercial marine applications.

Annual savings in fuel costs

This advantage alone results in rapid amortization of the comparably higher acquisition costs of a Neander motor in comparison with a gasoline-driven outboard – and generous reserves over the course of years.

2. Longer range

An advantage which is directly associated with low fuel consumption is the considerably longer range of a Neander diesel, which reduces the effort for fuel supply. 

3. Fuel availability

With a Neander motor, storage of two different fuels is a thing of the past, as is the necessity to plan the availability of gasoline. The flexibility of a Neander diesel saves cost-driving effort and therefore results in more economical fulfilment of orders.

4. No costs fpr safety measures

The investments needed to reduce the fire risk for the use of petrol outboards are completely eliminated by the use of a Neander diesel outboard motor – thanks to the low flammability of diesel fuel. Insurance costs can also be reduced by the elimination of these special risks

Greater safety: no fire risk

No sparking, no fire, no safety risk. As well as the direct economic advantages described above, new markets can also be exploited, e.g. military approval for use in fire hazard areas.

More evironmentally friendly

Even though the legal requirements for environmental protection are considerably lower "on the water" than in other areas: it is always good to keep ahead and act responsibly.

The more so, if this is an advantage which you obtain free of charge with a Neander diesel: the lower CO2 emissions of a modern diesel engine.



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