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Yanmar - 4CHL-TN - 1.800 U/min - UCM224D2

Output at crankshaft kW / mhp   : 40 / 62

Output at crankshaft kVA           : 50

Piston displacement L                 : 4,33

Yanmar 4CHL-TN - 1800 - UCM224D2

Further engine models:

4CHL-TN-1800-UCM224D2     4CHL-TN-1800-Bobtail

4CHL-TN-1500-UCM224D2     4CHL-TN-1500-Bobtail

  • 4-cylinder, direct injection
  • natural aspirated or turbocharged
  • type approved by BV

With straightforward installation and easy maintenance, YANMAR commercial high- speed diesels provide economical, reliable, durable propulsion and auxiliary power for luxury yachts, offshore support vessels, fishing craft, ferries, tugs and multipurpose workboats. They range from 12 mhp (8.8 kW) to 911 mhp (670 kW), mechanically controlled. Included are engines compliant with European emissions standards and various IACS certification.


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