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Yanmar - 6CH-WDTE-L - YX-71

Output at crankshaft kW / mhp : 169 / 230

Piston displacement L               : 6,494

Yanmar 6CH-WDTE-L - YX-71

Further engine models:

6CH-WDTE-L-YX-71     6CH-WDTE-L-Bobtail

  • Low Fuel Cost
  • Light, Compact and high power
  • Excellent Durability and Reliablity
  • East maintenance
  • 6CH-WDT and 6CH-WUT conform to IMO Tier2 Emission regulation

The work engine with top popularity ratings
When it comes to selecting a high performance work engine you can't do better than look at the wide CH range of Yanmar diesel. Running from 57.4kW to 206kW in a selection of 5 models there's an engine here to match most workboat jobs. They are remarkable for their stable, high speed output and for the refinements that have developed these veteran units into today's highly sophisticated performers.

Superior top-end technology
To equip the WDT and WUT models for the special roles of high speed vessels they have such sophisticated features as a super-high pressure and incredibly precise injection pump, four valves per cylinder and Yanmar's unique 'plum blossom' piston crowns.

Time-tested toughness
Yanmar's successful wave-ribbed 'monoblock' cylinder block, stamp-forged carbon steel crankshafts and connecting rods are part of the story of strength in all CH engines. They also have a special thermo-controlled, fresh water cooling system that keeps all vital parts at optimum operating temperature, greatly saving wear and prolonging engine life. Another great advantage is the latest Yanmar marine gear, carefully matched by out own technicians to make the ideal combination of strength and smooth power drive.

Servicing simplified
Features such as inspection hatches in the block, for six cylinder models, easy access to maintenance points and simple replacement of piston rings all help the owner keep his engine at work longer hours).


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